Your favorite restaurant, a hotel lobby, a friend's family room...something happens when you enter these spaces. It stirs your senses, it resonates. That is what we do here at API. We create places that inspire and that stand the test of time while meeting each of our clients specific needs in unique ways.

As a firm, we've been honing our skills for more than 30 years. Founded in Modesto, California with a mission to strive for design excellence, be stewards of our natural and built environment, and provide exceptional client service, API considers every client relationship to be unique and every design solution one-of-a-kind.  We still believe in meeting in-person. We pride ourselves in our ability to actually listen. This begins the interactive process that culminates with inspiring results.

We are very proud of API's accomplishments. Our open office environment combined with our experienced leadership fosters collaboration and encourages creative thinking. We aspire to thoughtful, elegant architecture that exceeds our clients' expectations for beauty and form, and fulfills complex programmatic and operational needs.

The firm's design portfolio is intentionally diverse, ranging from commercial offices and retail developments to healthcare and religious facilities; from multi-family and production residences to high end hospitality and custom homes.